The PPV advertising market on the Internet, is becoming a growing trend for marketing products and services online. Recent changes have been advertising platforms such as Google Adwords and others, have been members of the CPV and CPA networks to find new ways to reach customers with promotions, taking this to generate changes in strategies as both publishers and platforms especially in pay per click costs.

The PPV market has become an alternative advertising, this being a small part of PPC advertising and that like as previously allows the advertiser to select your target audience, this method not only works with popular keywords , but also offers alternative methods such as pop-ups, pop popunder, or a traditional ad.

To create such campaigns, continue to be useful traditional research tools as Google, Alexa and of course the imagination of the advertiser to reach the target audience.

In conclusion the traffic that can be obtained with PPV campaigns can generate good income at very low costs, this strategy being a solution to the constraints of traditional advertising platforms, however it is appropriate to conduct an investigation of the site where you PPV advertising to buy as there are many websites that offer poor quality traffic taking it to lose money, it is always advisable to spend some time in the forums and sites specializing in online advertising to inquire about the results of such networks

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