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CPV eXpert

CPV eXpert is an advertising company that employs twenty-first century strategies to bring customers quality to those in need. Our business model is to offer digital advertising strategies using CPV (cost per view) or PPV (pay per view), CPA (cost per action) and all the new trends that can be applied in the digital world.

In CPV eXpert apply CPV marketing strategies to maximize search engine effectiveness of your online advertising campaign to bring qualified traffic to your website, that is potential customers interested in your products or services.

With CPV eXpert you get the benefit of our strategy traffic filtering when sending customers to your website, ensuring that those who come to your site are really interested in what you offer.
Our team is constantly training in the digital world, offering efficient and friendly advertising with Internet search engines.
In this way we help you save time and cost in reaching customers for your business.

CPVeXpert.com offers:

  • Savings in time and cost of digital advertising.
  • Choose the target audience according to their needs (keywords, URL, Country)
  • International traffic segmented.
  • Excellent customer service.

Our origins:

CPV eXpert  was created in late 2010 by Jonathan Jaramillo, with the aim of promoting digital products while helping  Latino visionary sellers sold and promoted their products using new technologies in the growing advertising market.

In the last year CPV eXpert has been expanding its scope to include in their marketing strategies, CPV-CPA campaigns, reaching more people around the world with diverse products.

We focus on the Latino market that is in countries like USA, Canada and the UK

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